Frequently Asked Questions

Step by step suggestions on lobbying your MP.

1. What is the best way to make the biggest impact?

  • Everything helps, but a meeting between the MP and a group of constituents will make the biggest impression - the more constituents, the greater the impact.
  • Brief each other before your meetings and agree what you are trying to achieve
  • Stay focussed on what you want to achieve from the meeting
  • Stay calm, whatever the provocative statements from the MP, many of whom lack basic information on the JNF, or are indifferent

2. What sort of input should we prepare?

  • Ask for the MPs to
    • write to the Charities Commission directly asking for an investigation into the JNF
    • agree with you that charitable status should be revoked if it can be proven that the activities of the JNF harm Palestinians

3. What sort of questions should we prepare?

  • Yes or No questions are the only useful ones to ask of an MP,  e.g. do you support an investigation into the JNF? Do you think agents of foreign states should have charitable status in the UK? Should any body which causes great harm to a large group of people (in this case the Palestinian people) be accorded charitable privileges?

4. Can my MP refuse to meet with constituents?

No. They can try to delay, avoid, make it difficult, try to make you give up.  If you persist, however, they must meet with you.

5. MP responses - what if my MP offers to write to the relevant Minister on my behalf?

It means nothing and commits them to nothing. It is a different matter if they write to a Minister stating their own position and asking for action. That means they are their taking a personal, political position (which you can publicise).

6. MP responses - what if my MPclaims that they have already made their position clear and see no further need to comment?

Often not true.  Ask to meet and  keep asking for a clear public statement.  Do not be put off.

7. What if my MP challenges the factual basis of the JNF's crimes?

Send them a copy of the Stop the JNF Factsheet and arrange a follow-up visit to press the matter further.

8. My MP says (s)he cannot get involved because he has a junior position in the Government or Opposition.  Is this true?

  • Not necessarily.  Many junior ministers can take action on a matter of principle. Check whether your MP has done so.
  • Ask them whether they accept that "Palestinian citizens of Israel suffer systemic discrimination and the JNF contributes to this by preventing non-Jewish citizens of Israel, Palestinians, from buying or leasing JNF and other state lands." Send them a copy of the Stop the JNF Factsheet in advance of a meeting as a basis for discussion.

9. My MP is a well know supporter of Israel.  What can we do in our constituency?

  • Challenge your MP to answer questions they would prefer not to answer.
  • Challenge your MP to debate the issue publicly at an event in the constituency
  • Organise a group to meet them, put some hard questions, record the answers and publicise them.
  • Reflect on the answers and send your MP some follow-up Yes/No questions. Repeat the operation some time later

10. My MP has taken action in support of the Stop the JNF Campaign.  What's next?

  • Go back on to and fire off a letter of support to let them know they have a lot of support for their position. There will be a lot of Zionist vitriol going his/her way.
  • Ask them to speak at a local public meeting on the topic, or make a token donation to the Stop the JNF Campaign UK, etc