Ceasefire now! - Write to your MP

On wednesday the SNP has called on the UK Government and Parliament to back an urgent end to the bombing of Gaza and demand an immediate ceasefire. The party leader in Westminster, Stephen Flynn says “The time for equivocating is over. Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer must back an immediate ceasefire”. 


As Israel continues to ignore the international court rulings, South Africa has now requested new preliminary ICJ orders to protect Palestinians. In the southern city of Rafah, the most densely populated area in the world, a ground invasion is looming. No aid trucks carrying essential goods have been allowed through Egypt’s Rafah crossing since 4th Feb. The numbers of civilians killed in Palestine has risen to over 28,000 - over 40% of whom are children. More than 70% of Gaza's infrastructure has now been destroyed. The last remaining hospital, Nasser, in Khan Younis in the southern strip has endured tank fire and an Israeli special forces raid, forcing medical staff to flee and then being targeted by snipers.  85% of the population are displaced. Nowhere in Gaza is safe against Israeli war crimes... yet our government remains complicit. Complicit in failing  to call for a ceasefire, and complicit in continuing to supply Israel with the weapons used to kill Palestinians.


We must continue to apply pressure in this country to all of our MPs to halt this genocide and destruction of Gaza, and call for an immediate ceasefire now.

Take action to end this - write to your MP today, even if you've already messaged them previously.

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Ask your MP and MSPs if they support South Africa's ICJ application

Write to ask if they support South Africa's application to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for an urgent order declaring that Israel is in breach of its obligations under the 1948 Genocide Convention.

Over 22,000 Palestinians have now been killed by Israeli bombing in Gaza, over 10,000 of them children. We hear daily about the atrocities carried out by the state of Israel in Gaza and in the Occupied West Bank. The impunity that Israel continues to enjoy provides them with more confidence in their plans to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Gaza.

No more Palestinians should die.  There must be a ceasefire and equality, justice and freedom for Palestinians.  
  • Insist on a yes or no response
  • Share with us their reply - email to: info@scottishpsc.org

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Ask your Glasgow City Councillors to take a stand

Glasgow City Council should
  • send a message of condolence and solidarity to the mayor of Bethlehem noting the Israeli military extra-judicial killings of citizens of the city and the reign of terror the city is living under.
  • call for a permanent ceasefire
  • follow Barcelona and other cities in breaking all links with the state of Israel.
  • launch a public consultation on the Israeli military-grade surveillance system currently deployed in Glasgow City Centre.
  • suspend GCC’s adoption of the flawed IHRA definition of antisemitism that protects Israel from the condemnation it merits for the killing of tens of thousands of children, women and men in Gaza.
  • issue an emergency call for the Scottish Government to act in all its available capacities to help prevent the production and transfer of weapons components for Israel from arms companies in Scotland.
  • endorse the Scottish Government's 2014 call for an arms embargo on Israel
  • commission a study of the Strathclyde Pension Fund to identify any investments in companies that supply arms to Israel.
  • remove BAE director Sir Simon Lister from its State of the City Economy board.
  • fly a Palestinian flag in solidarity from the City Chambers building.
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