Write to your MP: Tzipi Livni, Israeli war criminal, invited to speak in London on Nakba day

The Jewish National Fund UK has invited Israeli Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni to speak at an event in London on 15th May 2014. This is an outrageous racist provocation and an incitement to hatred. Please write to your MP to ask them to write to UK Home Secretary Theresa May to protest, and to ask her to prevent Livni's entry to the UK.

The Jewish National Fund is a Zionist organisation that was established in 1901 for the purpose of obtaining land for the sole use of Jewish settlers in Palestine and excluding Palestinians from their land. In 1947-50 during the establishment of the state of Israel, the JNF provided information to Zionist militia to facilitate the murder and expulsion of Palestinians. Subsequently the JNF acquired Palestinian village land from the Israeli military in order to prevent the return of the inhabitants. The JNF currently has designated places on the board of the Israel Lands Authority, through which it pursues its ethnic cleansing operations in the 93% of Israeli land that the ILA controls. Today, the JNF continues to be involved in the ethnic cleansing of Bedouin in the Naqab/Negev region of Israel, as part of the Prawer plan. The UK branch of the JNF continues to legitimise ethnic cleansing and anti-Palestinian ideology, and is currently being investigated by the Charities Commission for breaches of the Equalities Act.

Tzipi Livni is accused of war crimes because of her role in the indiscriminate bombing of Palestinians in Gaza during 'Operation Cast Lead' and had to cancel a visit to the UK in 2009 in order to avoid arrest. She has been invited to speak on 15th May, a day which is commemorated by Palestinians as al Nakba day - the catastrophe' which marks the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians in 1948, a crime in which the JNF played a significant role.

For an Israeli minister and war crime suspect to speak at an event hosted by an organisation responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians on a day when the world is remembering the biggest single act of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, is nothing short of a racist provocation.

Please ask your MP to write to Home Secretary Theresa May to demand that Tzipi Livni be prevented from entering the UK to participate in this incitement to hatred and division.

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