Boycott Eurovision 2024!

Write to cinemas and ask them to reconsider hosting the Eurovision watch party, currently scheduled for the 11 May 2024 – in light of the European Broadcasting Union's shameful decision to include Israel in the contest.

By allowing Israel to participate, the EBU is directly supporting the artwashing of a genocidal war that has resulted in the deaths of over 30,000 Palestinians so far, nearly half of whom are children.

Despite numerous human rights organisations calling out Israel’s apartheid regime over the years, Eurovision continues to deliberately provide cultural cover to a state committing grave human rights violations.

Recent statements from Eurovision have rebuffed accusations of hypocrisy over their double-standard decision to remove Russia from the contest, but not Israel. This raises many concerns, especially in light of the recent ICJ ruling supporting the likelihood that Israel's actions in Gaza constitute genocide, currently on trial.

Urge them to stand on the right side of history and follow the example of venues such as The Rio Cinema, who bravely decided to cancel London’s biggest Eurovision screening party this year while Israel remains in the competition.


  • Cineworld Glasgow Silverburn
  • Cineworld Edinburgh
  • Everyman Glasgow
  • Everyman Edinburgh
  • Vue Edinburgh Omni
  • Vue Glasgow St Enoch
  • Showcase Cinema de Lux Paisley
  • Hippodrome Bo'Ness


Write to Cineworld, Everyman, Vue, Showcase Cinema and the Hippodrome Bo'Ness