Protest Barclays Bank's share in the murder of Palestinian children

made in Scotland - dropped on Gaza

A Palestinian living in Glasgow had 11 members of his family massacred by Israeli bombs; the dead included five children. Laser guidance ‘smart’ systems made sure the Paveway II bombs hit his family’s home in Khan Younis early in the morning on August 1st last summer. Components for the Paveway II are made at the Raytheon factory in Glenrothes, Fife.

During the massacres last summer, the Scottish Government called for an arms embargo on Israel, but Barclays Bank, true to their form on South African apartheid, refuse to bow to public pressure to divest their holdings in the Raytheon death factory.

Of all the varied support we can give to Palestine, nothing is more important, more wished for, more human, than stopping the trade in the weapons that Israel uses to murder Palestinians.

Take action... write to Barclays.