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  • make it easy for you to make contact with elected representatives, companies and institutions
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Stop Barclays support of the trade in weapons that Israel uses to murder Palestinians.
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Scottish Councils: stop financing Raytheon to massacre Palestinians

Tested on Palestinians then deployed by Glasgow Council to place Glaswegians under beyond-Orwellian personal-data-integrated surveillance. Take action...

Wood Group - stop powering Israeli apartheid

Write to this Scottish multinational to oppose their building a power station in Israel that will supply the Israeli Army and enforce the apartheid system there.
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Demand release of these children from Israeli prison

In 4am raid, Israeli soldiers abduct and imprison Palestinian children from Lajee camp. Ask your MP to demand the release of these children from Israeli prison.

 Say NO to stolen resources

Call on Aberdeen’s Union Square and Trinity Centre to distance themselves from the theft of resources and human right abuses by removing Jericho Dead Sea Cosmetics stalls from their premises. Take action...