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  • build public support for your campaign for Palestinian human and national rights
  • make it easy for you to make contact with elected representatives, companies and institutions
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  • allow you to make contact with other human rights supporters in your constituency or region

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Stop Barclays support of the trade in weapons that Israel uses to murder Palestinians.
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Send a letter to Edinburgh Fringe

Say no to Brand Israel at the Fringe - send a letter to Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Take action...

Wood Group - stop powering Israeli apartheid

Write to this Scottish multinational to oppose their building a power station in Israel that will supply the Israeli Army and enforce the apartheid system there.
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Scottish Councils: stop financing Raytheon to massacre Palestinians

Tested on Palestinians then deployed by Glasgow Council to place Glaswegians under beyond-Orwellian personal-data-integrated surveillance. Take action...